Sunday, August 3, 2008

Shaver Lake

For our last trip we got to travel up to Shaver Lake and spend 4 days boating, skiing, swimming, ca,ping, and having fun with friends. It was a blast to finally take out the boat and enjoy the wonderful weather. Eric got up on the single ski, Madie tried the wakeboard again, and Cade loved playing in the dirt. We were lucky to go with great friends, Amy and Mike and Justin, and more friends and family that they brought along. One of the most memorable times was getting everybody to tube. It definitely was comedy to see who could last longest. We definitely want summer to last a bit longer.


amanda said...

Nicole!!!! How are you? Your family is beautiful!!! I am glad to see you and the family are doing well! Check out my blog when you get a chance
and I hope we can keep in touch!


Hey Nicole. Glad you have a blog. Your family is too cute.