Sunday, August 3, 2008

Shaver Lake

For our last trip we got to travel up to Shaver Lake and spend 4 days boating, skiing, swimming, ca,ping, and having fun with friends. It was a blast to finally take out the boat and enjoy the wonderful weather. Eric got up on the single ski, Madie tried the wakeboard again, and Cade loved playing in the dirt. We were lucky to go with great friends, Amy and Mike and Justin, and more friends and family that they brought along. One of the most memorable times was getting everybody to tube. It definitely was comedy to see who could last longest. We definitely want summer to last a bit longer.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Madie's Graduation

Watch out Pinon Mesa! On June 6th, Madison was very sad to leave elementary school as she graduated from 5th grade at Vista Verde Elementary. She loved her teacher, Ms. Weimer, and all her great friends. Although most of her classmates will be going to a different middle school, she's excited to be going to Pinon Mesa M.S. Her goal is to make ASB, soccer, volleyball, and track with Mr. Heofle. Whew! It'll be quite an exciting year.

Happy 4th

We finally stayed home and enjoyed watching the fireworks from our own backyard. It was nice weather and Eric barbequed yummy food. Cade was not intimidated by the loud noises, and loved the bright lights. Family and Friends enjoyed the day with us. Brad got to have a get-away-weekend and stayed in the 5th wheel. Madie was MIA, but enjoyed spending the weekend up in San Fransisco with Amma Mich, Cathy, and Al. Her favorite was watching The Sound of Music play and eating Aunt Cathy's yummy foods. We are so lucky to live in such a great country! Happy 4th!

Hanging out

Eric is now Mr. Landscaper. He made our backyard so beautiful. We all love playing in the pool, soccer, and lounging. Cade has no fear of the grass and Madie can be on the trampoline for hours with friends. I am usually found laying on the pool raft. Eric's favorite has become the BBQ. He has learned great skills from Tony. We seriously have a BBQ with friends and family every weekend.
The kids absolutely have a blast. Here are Regan and Rylie enjoying the warm water for a night swim.

Sea World

One of our favorite spots this summer is Sea World, San Diego. Madison is intrigued by all the animals and sets her eyes on being a dolphin trainer when she grows up. Cade loves to be strolled around all day. He tried his 1st churro and loves the music and people watching. We spent the end of June camping across the bay. We swam and went to the beach. If we weren't at Sea World, we could still watch the fireworks and roast marshmallows. Madie invented "firestars", which are roasted starburst candy.Grandma Michele was able to spend the week with us, and loved being with the kids the most. They are both sooo spoiled!